Under the Contacts lists: Once you remove a contact on the account, the empty space will remain. So what happens is you can pull up a customer, go to contacts and have numerous open spaces at top of list before you will get to the beginning of names listed under the account. If you add a new contact, that name now is positioned on the list alphabetically after you back out of contacts, but you will still have blank contact spaces. System does not fill the blank spaces with new contacts. Those blanks never go away. I have some customers where You have to scroll through several blank spaces before finding the first contact on the list. This is wasted space. Somehow the blank spaces need to fill in or perhaps even better, Drop off.


My other concern is when you close an order for a Billable account. When closing an order you Trigger twice and then click on Invoice to generate an invoice to print or email. At the bottom of the order in the box titled Additional Order Options/Actions, this is where you Click on Invoice. Above Invoice is Create Customer. Often if you move your cursor slightly off the Invoice selection it will move on to
Create Customer. So now a new screen will come up for you to fill in information for setting up new customer. Now you have to click delete Customer and delete the new entry to proceed with your Invoice. I want to invoice the order, not create same customer. Because of this I find Duplicates in my listing of Customer Accounts. Some employees do not always remove the duplicated account, so from time to time I find them and then delete. My suggestion is to move Create Customer to a different position in the Additional Order Options/Actions box. You can move something into Its place, such as Order Statistics.