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Thread: Adding a Run Charge

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    Default Adding a Run Charge

    I'm trying to add a run charge to each product for a particular supplier. I want to use a standard markup plus add a set dollar amount, such as $10.

    I tried using Bulk Product Update and using the "add cost" field but that didn't change the sell price, it just reduced the "profit" listed for the item.

    The only other place I can think of is using Attributes. There I can include a specific dollar amount to add to each piece, however, Attributes pricing only shows up once the item is added to the cart. I don't like that, I want a straightforward price listed on the main product detail page.

    I feel like I must be missing something obvious. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Adding a Run Charge

    Add cost is to add a cost you incur to the product, such as inbound shipping. Retail markups take supplier cost + add cost, then uses that amount to multiply against the increase % to derive the retail price. To accomplish what you want, you will need to use attribute groups. Pricing in attribute groups appear during the add to cart process in the pull-down list before the product is added to cart.
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