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Thread: Info on Receivables

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    Default Info on Receivables

    We're trying to do a better job of managing our receivables. Over the years we've learned that we can reduce them by a fair amount by simply calling the larger organizations just 2 weeks after pickup. We say we're making a "courtesy call" to make sure the proper person has received the invoice for payment.

    The problem is that we can't find an efficient way to know how old each receivable is. We can find a way to view them with the date, but it doesn't show us if it's paid already. We can view the aging report but it doesn't show the actual date of each order (just throws it in an aging category).

    Can you add the invoice date field to the aging receivables screen/report?

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    Default Re: Info on Receivables

    Are you addressing invoices to Attn: Accounts Payable, or are you sending the invoices the individual that placed the order? If you address to accounts payable, you bypass the person who placed the order and you're putting the invoice directly into the hands they need to be in. If you're mailing or handing invoices to the person placing the order, chances are the invoice will sit on that person's desk to be turned in later to Accounts Payable. This creates an increase in your A/R, and results in a delay in receiving timely payments. Order Manager is designed so that you bypass the person placing the order and put the invoice directly into accounts payable hands. A/P staff at larger companies tend to not want un-handled paperwork laying around, and usually will enter the invoice into their system the day they receive it in the mail.
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