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Thread: Updating Customer Accounts from the Maintain Order Screen

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    Default Updating Customer Accounts from the Maintain Order Screen

    Hello, I realize that the customer accounts have different security than the orders, but would it be possible to update customer accounts from an order when we direct bill them?

    For instance, when we direct bill from an order and select the customer, there are times the contact is not in the drop down list. We have to go back to COD, go back to the customer account, add the contact name, go back to the order and direct bill it to that contact.
    To avoid all these steps, sometimes sales reps will just pick a contact in the list and change it after. Then they get interrupted and completely forget about it, and the invoice gets billed to the wrong person.
    I have tried to train my sales reps as best as possible to be more organized and never forget anything but since that is not working, and they do work under a lot of pressure and multitasking, this could be helpful.

    Thank you
    Johanna Martinez
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    Default Re: Updating Customer Accounts from the Maintain Order Screen

    If you want to provide your sales rep with access to the customer accounts application area, then they can add contacts while Maintain Order is up on the screen.

    Starting with Maintain Order up on the screen do the following:

    1) Click Direct Billing in the "Additional Order Options/Actions" section.
    2) Double Click the "Direct Bill to:" field
    3) Double click the customer pull-down list.
    4) Find the customer in the select Customer Window and double click to Maintain the Customer.
    5) Click on Contacts tab, add the contact.
    6) Click Done on Maintain Customer.
    7) Click Select Customer or back button if you've already selected the customer. Then in the contacts pull-down, select the new contact just added.
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    M. David Matney
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