1. Corrected the Speed issue that was occurring on the Maintain Order Screen.
  2. Corrected an issue with the product landing cost that was preventing editing the data in this field.
  3. Corrected an issue that was occurring with Exporting products to Excel where an error message would prevent the export.
  4. Corrected an issue whereby a duplicate SMS messages was being queued in the e-mail queue when sending proof's and notifying customer via SMS message that the proof has been sent.
  5. Corrected an On Event Click Error that was occurring when clicking on Estimated Person-Hours on the Select Order Schedule Date Screen.
  6. Added RowID to Product Export


  1. Corrected a problem on Maintain Supplier Purchase Order screen where changes made to the ship to address were not being retained if you accessed the Maintain Supplier Purchase order screen by double clicking on the PO from the Pending Purchase orders screen.


  1. If you do not select a valid Shipping Method on the Maintain Order Shipping Details screen, a more understandable error message is displayed asking the user to select a valid shipping method.


  1. Corrected a problem with selection of orders by status on the print envelopes/labels and send broadcast e-mails selection screen.
  2. If during import of Products from ShopKart, you receive an error 21000 Remote Host prematurely closed, Order Manager will automatically continue without having to click Ok.


  1. Corrected the installer that was missing a component that would cause problems with order manager executing. The 7/7/2017 Installer includes this fix, and all previous enhancements/fixes listed for version 5.1.0.