1) When editing a product, you can now specify up to three different shipping methods whereby if a customer chooses any of those shipping methods and orders the product in question, then shipping charges will not be calculated for that product.

2) Added a new update mirror in Sterling, Virginia (USA) data center. This will assist those that have a ShopKart account on the east coast with master catalog updates.

3) Changed all URLS to shorten the URL's to increase SEO.

4) Modified data tables throughout ShopKart to increase performance.

5) Several Misc. changes throughout ShopKart to increase performance.

6) You can now hide social media icons from being displayed for products. This option may be turned on and off in the Options tab when editing a web store.

7) Added a new field to each product named Maximum Order Quantity. This field allows you to limit how many of a product a customer may order.

8) Added more options to custom stylesheets to provide ability to use the new Modern Box style of navigation links for categories.

9) Addedd a new option for behaviour of shopkart after adding a a product to the shopping cart. The new option may be found when editing a store on the options tab.

10) Added several new options to Hide Payment Section, Promotional Code Section, Date Needed, Event Date, Shipping Information, Upload files and account access from the Checkout screen. You can turn these options on and off on the options tab when editing a web store.

11) Increased to 500 attempts the amount of times a person may add an item to cart within a 12 hour period. If more than 500 attempts are made within a 12 hour period, the customers IP Address will be blocked from accessing the server.

12) Added new detection algorithms to watch for and take action against Hack attempts.

13) Added Google + and Pinterest to both products and social media section.