1) Added interface to Scanners to allow you to scan engraving or other documents directly to the order documents or customer documents. Click here to view the Tutorial Video on This New Feature

2) Corrected a problem when using multiple databases where database license in memory was not being updated. This only affected those customers using multiple databases with multiple DBA's. With this fix, the license from a previously opened database will no longer be retained

3) When putting carriage returns in Supplier Purchase Order Line Items, the carriage returns were not lining up correctly when the purchase order was printed. This has been corrected.

4) Payment Methods now have a new option to turn on and off validation of the payment method.

5) Corrected an on-click event error that was occurring when you created a custom PO and your order did not have an e-mail address entered

6) Corrected an error in System setup that allowed you to put blanks in the PITA Percentage field. Now it requires a valid number
7) BizWizard Order Manager can now import your products from ShopKart. To configure this, you must do the following
a) Click on Configuration > System Setup > Misc. Settings
b) Enter your ShopKart Server Domain Name (i.e. mydomain.com) - do not enter http://www. just your domain name
c) Enter your ShopKart User ID and Password
Click here to View the Video Tutorial on Connecting Order Manager to ShopKart
Click here to watch the tutorial video on importing products from ShopKart into Order Manager

8) Added ability to filter Work with Products product search by ShopKart Web Store

9) Added ability to filter Work with Products product search by Product Family

10) All Products now have a Supplier associated with the product. Previously only Stock products had a Supplier association.

11) On Work with Products, added ShopKart Web Store and Product Family to the display listing.

12) Added an option to merge General Ledger Categories and General Ledger sub-Categories

13) Added an option to merge Product Families

14) Duplicate General Ledger sub-Categories that may have been created during a text product import will now automatically merge together into a single General Ledger sub-category

15) Corrected the problem that caused the Duplicate General Ledger sub-Categories.

16) A New option to merge suppliers has been added to the Maintain Supplier screen

17) When adding a new customer the address type will now default to "Commercial Address"

18) BizWizard Order Manager can now import your Orders From ShopKart. Be aware that as part of the import, Retail product numbers is ShopKart will be matched up with Retail Product numbers in Order Manager. If a product number match occurs the following changes will occur to the product configuration in Order Manager:
a) All kit groupings will be deleted
b) Matrix pricing will be converted to Base Pricing
c) Order Manager Attributes will be replaced with ShopKart Product Attributes which will be brought into Order Manager as attributes. These attributes will not be modifiable in Order Manager
d) Volume Discount Schedules in Order Manager will be replaced with Volume Discount Schedules in ShopKart
Click here to View the Video Tutorial on Connecting Order Manager to ShopKart
Click here to watch the tutorial video on importing Orders from ShopKart into Order Manager

19) If you delete a product in Order Manager and that product is linked to a product in ShopKart, the product in ShopKart will also be deleted

20) If you In-Activate a product in Order Manager and that product is linked to a product in ShopKart, the product in ShopKart will have its status changed to InActive

21) If you activate a product in Order Manager and that product is linked to a product in ShopKart, the product in ShopKart will have its status changed to "Active"

22) Access BizWizard Order Manager from iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and Android Tablet PC through RDP
BizWizard Order Manager is now available in the Cloud. Contact NetSoft Studio Software for more information on Cloud Order Manager.

23) BizWizard Order Manager now has a Customer Type and Order Type which allows you to classify customers for use with e-mail and mail marketing.

24) Increased performance on the sales tax summarization calculations to calculate the sales tax without having to read all data records

25) Corrected a problem whereby inventory was not getting allocated on track inventory items when you duplicated an order that was not in an open status.

26) Changed the Back Ordered Flag on Order Line Item listing on the Maintain Order Screen so that the Red Dot indicator for Back ordered will show up if there is a Kit Component that is on Back order.

27) Corrected various problems with the inventory control system as it relates to Kit Groupings and managing inventory.

28) New Change to deletion of products when the product is on a pending or finalized purchase order and the product being deleted is a Track Inventory product. When the product is deleted that meets the previously mentioned criteria, the purchase order for the stock product will be converted to a non-stock line item for the product that is deleted.

29) Order Status Titles now reflect the title in the listing of PDF's e-mailed to customers

30) Corrected a Calculation Issue with volume Pricing Discounts

31) Added support for CorelDraw X6 and CorelPhotoPaint X6 Document types

32) Added Support for Vision Pro 7 and Vision Pro 8 Document Types

33) Added Support for Photo Impact Pro 13 Document Types

34) Added Support for Gravostyle 98 and Gravostyle 5 Document Types

4.0.1 - 4/7/2012
1) Corrected a problem that occured only on Windows XP whereby an error was occuring while trying to connect to ShopKart Account

4.0.2 - 4/9/2012
1) Corrected a problem with importing shopkart products that only occured if you had a supplier product # that was longer than 25 characters in length

4.0.3 - 4/30/2012
1) Corrected a Sales Tax Reporting Error that occured only if you use the reporting method of When Invoice Balance is Zero

2) Corrected a problem with Print Orders by Date Range whereby some orders were not reporting when they should have.

3) Corrected an error that was occuring if an associate was logged in and tried to run the Payment Transaction report and that Associated did not have authority to view credit card numbers.

4) Maintain Product Images now support .png and .gif images

4.0.3 - 6/6/2012

1) Corrected a Problem with importing orders when you are not using scheduled date/time.

4.0.3 - 6/30/2012
1) Product Import from Text File was not setting the Web Store Correctly. This has been fixed.

2) Vendor Product Number on Product Import from Text File was not truncating the vendor product number to 30 characters. This has been fixed.

3) Corrected a Problem that appears on the Work with Products Screen in the Product Families Pull-down list where the product families were not listing correctly if one or more of the product families had a comma or semi-colon in the product family name

4) Corrected a Problem when sending out Customer Marketing Communications where Contact E-Mail Addresses were not appearing for contacts when you selected to include customer contacts

5) Corrected a problem when creating a new database whereby the license from the previously opened database was being retained in memory.

6) Corrected Misc. Import errors that were occuring when importing products from ShopKart

4.0.3 - 8/15/2012
1) Re-compile of Installer to handle windows update issue that created errors in startup of BizWizard Order Manager

4.0.3 - 11/8/2012
1) Corrected an error that would occur if you had an order that was direct billed to a customer and at the time the order was closed the customer account did not require a purchase order, however later you set the purchase order requirement. What was happening is when a closed order that was closed prior to setting the purchase order requirment was opened, an error was displayed indicating you must put in a purchase order number, yet you were not able to because the order was closed. This will no longer occur.

2) Corrected an error that would occur when creating a new database for the first time whereby the template.zip file was not available to install.