I have created some new categories in ShopKart. Some of these categories take the place of some of the default categories, so I make the superseded default categories "InActive". In the screen where you assign products to categories there is no differentiation between categories that are active and categories that are not active. When I update I have to do alot of assigning to categories, and you have to pay close attention to which categories are active and which are not.

The ultimate fix for this would be to have some kind of "category mapping" tool so you could link any categories you might create with a default category...so when you update from the Master Catalog all the products would be assigned to custom categories automatically (ie, if you wanted all items that are categorized in the Master Catalog as "Corporate Plaques" to instead come into a category called "Category A" you could point "Corporate Plaques" to "Category A" and it would do it automatically). This would eliminate the tedious chore of assigning products, one by one, to the appropriate categories as they are updated.

Barring that, would there be an easy way to differentiate between Active and In-Active categories on the category assignment screen? Maybe turn the In-Active categories red or something similar?