We are please to announce that BizWizard ShopKart, the first fully functionally industry solution for the Awards and Recognition, promotional products industry has officially released Version 1.0. As of Version 1.0, the following are the features boasted:
  1. Over 50 Skins to choose from, thus making your life easy from a design standpoint. Or we can custom develop a skin for your companies unique look and feel.
  2. Preloaded with over 2500 products from JDS Industries, Zeit Company, Topmost World and RS Owens. This means you will be able to be up and running selling over 2500 key industries products within a couple of days vs. months.
  3. No need to understand Web site html code to get started. If you can point and click on a web page, and type, you can use BizWizard ShopKart. Its that simple
  4. Multiple Category Support.
  5. Trophy Builder Technology designed for all suppliers vs. supplier specific
  6. No limit on the number of products. You can have 10,000, 20,000, even 100,000 products.
  7. No limit on the number of suppliers. you can have 5, 10, 100, 500, even 1000 suppliers products if you wish.
  8. Search engine friendly with support for Meta Keywords, Meta Descriptions and more.
  9. Search Engine Friendly Web Page URL's to ensure your site is indexed and included according to all search engine standards
  10. Support for Yahoo Product Submission upload files to easily put your products on the yahoo shopping database for added exposure
  11. Support for Google and Yahoo Analytics and other specialized code including support for web chat sales and support help
  12. Unique Supplier ranking system allows you to rank the suppliers in preferential order thus ensuring the products you show to your customers are listed in the order in preference you wish to sell them
  13. Mass product adjusments to easily set product prices at the click of a button.
  14. As additional supplier catalogs are made available, simply request inclusion of those new suppliers product lines. No need to input them yourself
  15. As new products are made available by BizWizard ShopKart suppliers or new price modifications to cost by suppliers, those new products or updates can easily be incorporated into your individual shopping cart.
  16. Support for up to four images per product, a 360 degree flash animation of the prodcut as well as product templates.
  17. Support for promotional codes thus allowing you to provide promotions. your customer simply enters the promotional code during checkout and the appropriate discounts are automatically applied.
  18. Multiple shipping calculation algorythms to choose from for a wider support of shipping calculation methods and options
  19. Developed for Unix Operating System utilizing virtual server technologies that ensure privacy and security of your site and data. Unix has been the choice operating system for web sites since before the internet was born. Unix systems are compatible with your windows computer accessing the shopping cart.
  20. No bandwidth limitations imposed, and no bandwidth fess are ever assessed.
  21. Supporting multiple web stores. If you have 5 different web stores, no longer do you need to buy five shopping carts. BizWizard Shopkart supports unlimtied web stores. you can have 1, 5, 10, 100, 500, even 1000 web stores for the same price
  22. You customers will be able to upload their artwork files, word documents, excel spreadsheets, coreldraw files, adobe illustrator files or any other non-executable file type during checkout.
  23. Automatic sales tax calculation to ensure you are meeting state requirements for sales tax collection.
  24. Support for Volume Pricing discounts with multiple schedules that can be created by supplier or by product type.
  25. No longer do you need to pay a company $25,000 to $35,000 to custom design a shopping cart solution for you. You will be amazed at the low $200/month BizWizard Shopping Cart Price
Finally, you can enjoy the benefits of the larger trophy companies on a small trophy shop budget. Brick and morter stores loose business everyday and eventually go out of business simply because they do not offer online purchasing for their customers. Now you can join the ranks of the big shops on a small shop budget.

Contact us today for your free demonstration or visit our demonstration web site at: http://www.northpoleawards.com