Currently Under Development are the following additions/modifications to BizWizard Professional. As new releases of BizWizard Professional are made available, items on this list will be removed once incorporated into new version distribution.

This order of items on this is not intended to define the priority of the enhancement/modification:
  1. Add ability to Attach External files to E-Mailed Order Items. Currently, you must open an external file, save it, and then attach it to an e-mail. With the new modification, you will be able to attach a file to an e-mail like you do today, or select from a pull-down list one or more external files. This will save time in sending proofs to your customers.
  2. Add Ability to attach external files to E-Mailed Customer Items. This enhancement is similar to the previously mentioned enhancement, except it relates to the Maintain Customers list of external files.
  3. Make the auto Billing popup a nag screen to collect payment vs forcing collection of payment. Currently if an order is set to auto-billing BizWizard forces you to collect payment. Under this new change, forcing of the collection of payment will not be required, rather a nag screen will pop up instead.
  4. Add Integration to Payment Gateways. We will be providing a facility to integrate with payment gateways that use HTTP SSL Post operations. This will allow you to type in a credit card number, click charge card, and gain an approval off the card. Optionally, you can also purchase card swipers at an additional cost per card reader which will allow you to swipe the credit card, and charge through a payment gateway.
  5. Sales Tax (Included in price, vs added on top) - we will be adding support to include sales tax in the price, vs adding the sales tax to the order sub-total. This feature is to support our expanding international customer base in various countries including Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, Mexico and the UK. It will also ***ist USA based customers that wish to include sales tax.
  6. Add Price field to Product for Engraving Fee Per Unit. A New engraving charge field will be added to the product setup. You will be able to specify on a product by product basis, the engraving charges to be automatically ***essed on a character or word count basis. Engraving charges will automatically be calculated based upon information entered into the Personalization Text Field
  7. Add ability to change the grayed out bottom text for Proforma invoices.